How Cloud Anti-Spam Filtering Works

SpamStopsHere has industry leading accuracy, is easy to implement, and filters spam and viruses before they reach your network. It includes the following standard and optional features:

  • Multi-Layer Spam Filtering
  • Zero-Hour Virus and Malware Protection
  • Store & Forward Spooling and Recovery
  • TLS Encryption
  • Quarantine
  • Multiple Mailserver Support
  • Outbound Filtering working day has been transformed...

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Multi-Layer Spam Filtering
Beats Bayesian Heuristics Hands Down

SpamStopsHere is an incredibly powerful and accurate spam and malware filter. It does not rely on often unpredictable Bayesian Heuristics and does not require constant tuning, balancing and guesswork by customers.

Instead, SpamStopsHere sends your inbound (and optionally outbound) email through our sequential filters, each of which is designed to detect spam or malware in a specific way. Our filters include:

  • IP Blacklist
  • URL Filter
  • Phrase Filter
  • Pattern Filter
  • Anti-Virus Filter
  • Custom Filters

There is almost no delay in processing your email because we've arranged the filters for optimal efficiency. The entire process only takes a few seconds. Emails that match one filter are flagged as spam and can be blocked right there in the Cloud, before they can enter your system and damage your business.

Watch our video here to learn more about how SpamStopsHere beats typical Bayesian-based antispam. You can also read about our proprietary filters in details on the SpamStopsHere web site.

See how SpamStopsHere beats typical antispam

Zero-Hour Virus and Malware Protection
Blocks Threats like Cryptowall and Cryptolocker better than traditional antivirus

Malicious programs attached to or linked from email are a common way to infect your network, and variants appear faster than traditional providers can distribute and install updates. Cloud services like SpamStopsHere are now more effective at blocking such threats than traditional antivirus.

Traditional antivirus only scans the contents of files after you download them, missing important indicators. SpamStopsHere examines the entire delivery mechanism, so it can almost always detect a threat without scanning the file and before it is dowloaded. But it takes more than just being in the Cloud.

To block zero-hour viruses, trojans and other threats and ransomware (like Cryptolocker and Cryptowall) before they reach your infrastructure, SpamStopsHere has two types of malware detection:

Zero-Hour Malware Protection in All Editions
All editions include our proprietary antivirus algorithm that evaluates the entire delivery mechanism and package to identify and block new threats on day one without having to scan attachments. Only a global Cloud-based antispam provider can do that. Traditional anti-virus can't.
Additional Anti-Virus Scanning
For an additional layer of protection, Business, Professional and Enterprise Editions also include a top-rated traditional antivirus scanning engine, which blocks attachments with known viruses for Windows, Macintosh, and UNIX/Linux.

Other Features

SpamStopsHere doesn't just block spam and viruses from infecting your infrastructure, the various editions also include a host of other features that protect your email and organization.

Store and Forward Recovery

All editions of SpamStopsHere include Store&Forward. It automatically spools incoming email for up to five days if your email server is down for any reason. When you come back online, it automatically delivers spooled email to your inbox as if nothing happened.

You can also set a longer spooling period if you need it. Just contact us anytime and we'll show you how.

TLS Encryption

Business Edition and up include TLS Encryption that secures email transmission to/from our data centers.

If you need full end-to-end encryption for compliance purposes (like HIPAA / HITECH), check out our easy-to-use email encryption services.


Professional and Enterprise editions include a quarantine that lets you review emails flagged as spam and optionally release them to your inbox. However, with a false-positive rate of 0.001% or better, many of our customers don't bother with a quarantine. So we've made it an option to help our customers increase their ROI.

Multiple Mailserver Support

If you need to deliver email to mirrored gateways or receive email queue threshold alerts, Enterprise edition supports multiple mailservers.

Outbound Filtering

Outbound filtering protects the reputation of your organization by filtering outgoing email for spam and viruses, and minimizes the risk of being added to real-time blacklists (or RBLs). Many customers don't need outbound filtering, so it's available in Enterprise Edition.

24/7/365 Live Support
from our Michigan Headquarters

Live 24/7/365 support for all issues is included with our Cloud email services. Contact us anytime. You'll be in touch with a 3rd-level support specialist within moments.

Compare Editions

Compare SpamStopsHere features and pricing in detail and try any edition FREE for 30 days. Get started with the best overall spam filtering in just minutes and transform your working day!

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