SpamStopsHere Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use any domain with SpamStopsHere?

If you own a registered domain name, such as, and have email addresses with that domain, such as, then SpamStopsHere is for you.

If you have a free email account, such as,,, etc, you can forward your free email address to a domain you purchase and use SpamStopsHere. working day has been transformed...

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Can I use SpamStopsHere with Office365, Exchange or Google Apps Gmail?

Yes! SpamStopsHere adds premium spam, malware and downtime protection to Office 365, Exchange and Google Apps Gmail.

Easy Setup and Fast ROI (so you can get back to work)

SpamStopsHere is easy to set up, requires almost no maintenance and there is no learning period. You simply switch your MX records after signing up and we start filtering your spam and other email threats with the full power of SpamStopsHere. You can free up the resources you would otherwise use constantly updating filters trying in vain to combat email threats. We even spool your incoming mail while your Office 365, Exchange or Google Apps Gmail is down; a critical business continuity feature.

24/7 Professional Threat Analysis

Spammers like to attack when they think you're most vulnerable, day or night. Defeating constantly changing threats requires 24/7 professional live analysis. Automated and user-fed systems are not fast enough or accurate enough. Our professional threat analysts work around the clock reviewing suspicious emails and adding the latest threats to our global database every few minutes, 24/7/365. It's the best way to achieve powerful and accurate zero-hour threat blocking. Few businesses can afford to provide that level of protection and expertise in-house.

24/7 Live Customer Support

Our incredible 24/7 live support for all issues is included with every edition of SpamStopsHere. We can do that because SpamStopsHere is so easy to setup and use, customers seldom need help. If you ever do, we're just a call, chat or email away. We can even help you design custom filters in the rare case that's needed.

24/7 Business Continuity Downtime Protection

SpamStopsHere's Store & Forward service spools your incoming email for up to 5 days when your Office 365, Exchange or Google Apps is down and automatically delivers spooled messages when you're back up. Because it's so critical for professionals like doctors, attorneys and others to get their email, this protection can pay for itself quickly.

Message Tracking, Complete Control and More

SpamStopsHere includes many other great features that help protect your business email. For example, our exclusive Message Tracking helps you quickly and easily determine what happened to an email you were expecting but did not receive, without having to decipher cryptic bounceback messages. There are also many optional filters that give you a lot of control over your spam filtering, if you need it (although many customers find they don't).

Does SpamStopsHere require constant tuning?

SpamStopsHere does not require custom filter tuning. It's also really easy to setup. It blocks 99.5% of spam with zero-hour malware protection and almost no false positives (<0.001%).

Our 24/7 professional threat analysts feed the latest global threat information to our proprietary filters (IP, URL, Phrase and Pattern) every few minutes, blocking spam with almost no false positives. We provide a lot of control anyway, for those users with special requirements.

Can you change my MX records for me?

That is the only part we cannot do for you. However, we will send you simple instructions on how to change the MX records yourself and will be happy to assist you.

Call, chat or email us anytime. We're always here, 24/7/365.

Will using SpamStopsHere slow down my incoming email?

Like all anti-spam programs and services, SpamStopsHere has to filter your email in order to detect and block spam. However, we've optimized the entire system so the delay is generally only a few seconds.

For one, we filter incoming email in real time, rather than in intervals (like other antispam programs), so we deliver your email as soon as we process it. Also, we've optimized the order in which your email passes through our spam filters, with the most efficient first. And our primary filters (IP Blacklist, URL, Phrase and Pattern) block matching email by default, so once we flag an email as spam, it doesn't need to pass through any more filters.

As a result, there is usually no noticeable delay in the delivery of your email.

Does SpamStopsHere backup my email?

SpamStopsHere is not an email archiving system. However, it does have a feature called "Store and Forward". If your email server or service is down for any reason (maintenance, power outage, etc.), SpamStopsHere will continue to receive your incoming email, keep a running spool of up to 5 days worth, and then automatically deliver spooled messages when you're email comes back online.

If you know ahead of time that you'll be offline for more than 5 days, you can temporarily set the spool for a longer time period, within reasonable limits. Just contact our support team and we can help you set that up.

If you need true email archiving, look into our RestorEmail service, which has 30-Day Business Continuity and Full Compliance Archiving editions.

Do I Need My Own Mail Server?

No, you do not need your own mail server. You only need your own email domain name.

You also need to be able to change your MX records to point to our servers, which almost all hosting companies allow. When you sign up or try SpamStopsHere, we'll email you simple instructions on how to switch your MX records. That's about all you need to do. We'll start blocking incoming spam right away.

Does It Work If I Host My Own Email Server, Such As Microsoft Exchange?

Yes, SpamStopsHere works with any email server, including Microsoft Exchange, Exchange Online, Novell Groupwise, Lotus Domino, Sendmail, etc. and mail clients like Outlook and webmail clients.

Will SpamStopsHere Work With Any Web / Email Hosting Provider?

You can use it with almost any email hardware or software, whether it's an internal mail server, private cloud, external hardware, etc.

The only requirement is that you're able switch your "MX records" to point to our SpamStopsHere servers. Most hosting companies let you do so through what's called "local delivery".

If you're unsure, ask your hosting company if they support 'local delivery' or 'third party anti-spam filters in the MX records' In the rare case you're unable to do so, we'll gladly refund your money during the 14-day money-back guarantee period. If you notify us within the 30-day trial period, you won't be charged at all.

What About Larger Businesses?

Since our servers are arranged in large virtual clusters with load balancing technologies, we are completely scalable. We can take on any size customer. We keep our clusters operating at or lower than 50% capacity during peak times and can quickly add nodes to the clusters to maintain peak operating performance.

How do I Stop Using SpamStopsHere?

Simply remove the SpamStopsHere load balancer's from your domain's DNS MX records and list your actual email server in the MX records instead.

After the DNS changes propagate throughout the Internet (we recommend waiting 72 hours), you should then be able to cancel the SpamStopsHere service without any interruption of email.

24/7/365 Live Support
from our Michigan Headquarters

Live 24/7/365 support for all issues is included with our Cloud email services. Contact us anytime. You'll be in touch with a 3rd-level support specialist within moments.

Compare Editions

Compare SpamStopsHere features and pricing in detail and try any edition FREE for 30 days. Get started with the best overall spam filtering in just minutes and transform your working day!

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