Donations to Date

The donations period is over and the repaving project has begun. Thank you to everyone who contributed.

Great News:

  • We reached and exceeded our original goal of $30,000, which was DOUBLE matched by the Washtenaw County Road Commission (WCRC) for the $90,000 needed to mill and repave the 0.75 miles between Tubbs and Wagner! Thank you!
  • We then set the new goal of raising an additional $12,000 to repave the terrible sections between North Maple and Foster and west of Zeeb. Therefore our total goal was $42,000 and we reached that as well!
  • Donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE on your federal taxes (if you itemize deductions) as checks will be made out to "Washtenaw County Road Commission".

Total Raised: $45,150 (100% of all goals) as of August 20th, 2010

  • Ted Green donated the first $2,000.
  • AABTS member Virginia (Jenny) Young generously matched Ted's $2,000 donation, partly to get the project going, but also to challenge other AABTS members to pitch in.
  • Other AABTS members have donated $8,075
  • The AABTS has matched $5,000
  • Non-AABTS members have donated $27,075
  • The Ann Arbor Velo Club has donated $1000