Create and configure your Zimbra Desktop Account in a few simple steps.

Create a Zimbra Desktop Account

1. Open your Zimbra Desktop client, click Add New Account. Then with the Account Type drop down select IMAP.


2. Fill out the Add New Account information:

Use POP of IMAP for Account Type:

POP use port 995
IMAP use port 993

Enter your email address as the Account Name, then enter your full name and email address.

3. Fill out the Receiving Mail information:

User Name and Password
Use your email address and the password for the account.
Incoming Mail server

Check Use SSL encryption when accessing this server

3. Fill out the Sending Mail information:

SMTP Mail Server
Check Use SSL encryption when sending mail.
Check Username and password required to send mail, then fill out your account information.

4. Fill out the Synchronization Settings information:

every 15 minutes
New Messages
Check Delete after downloading or Leave on server

Check settings and then click Validate & Save.


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