Store and Forward is an automatic message spooling and delivery feature included with every edition of SpamStopsHere. If your email server goes offline, we'll spool your incoming email for up to 5 days (by default) and then automatically deliver spooled messages when you're back online.

If you think your mail server is going to be down for longer than 5 days, contact us so we can backup your queued mail before it is lost. Or you can enable our Spool & Suspend feature and then disable it when you're back online.

Spooled messages are temporarily stored, waiting to be delivered to you. This is very useful during unexpected down times (such as temporary power outages). It's like an automatic version of our Spool & Suspend feature.

Spooling Duration and Bounce Messages

Our servers will queue your email for up to 120 hours (5 days). The senders will get their first bounce message after the message has been in the queue for 6 hours, saying that the message has not yet been delivered but that we will keep trying.

By default, our servers will try to redeliver each message every 30 minutes. As a result, half an hour after your mail server is back up, you should have received all of your queued email.

Mail Server Settings to Avoid

Normally, we queue your incoming mail if your mail server is completely unavailable or is replying with a temporary SMTP (4.x) error. However, some mail server settings will prevent your email from being queued.


If your mail server is responding fine and someone has set it to reject a message at the SMTP level and tell our mail server to not try delivering the message again (5.x error), then this is seen as a permanent error. Our mail server will do what it's told and not try again, deleting the message from the queue. A Delivery Status Notification (DSN) will be "returned" to the sender.

As a result, if you find that you have to "reinstall" your mail server, please ensure that it is fully configured and tested to accept email before putting it back online at the same IP address to prevent losing email once the mailserver goes back online.


Normally, we can queue your will result if you have specified a hostname as your Customer Mail Server under Mail Server Settings, and the hostname is temporarily not resolving. This happens when the authoritative nameservers for the domain are either completely unavailable, or replying with a temporary error.

However, if the authoritative nameservers are responding fine, and someone has directed them to say that the hostname doesn't exist (NXDOMAIN), then this is seen as a permanent error. You have told the public that this hostname doesn't exist. As a result, our mail server will not continue trying to send anything there, resulting in any messages to this host being removed from the queue. A Delivery Status Notification will be "returned" to the sender.

If you also user our RestorEmail Archiving service, you can redeliver such messages once your mail server is back online, as well as send and receive messages while your server is offline.

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