Every edition of SpamStopsHere includes a "Spool & Suspend" service that you can enable temporarily to prevent rejection of incoming mail during expected downtime (for example, scheduled maintenance on your mail servers or network). While enabled, Spool & Suspend will spool your mail (storing it on our servers) without forwarding it to you. Messages are not rejected, just temporarily stored, so no one sending mail to your server will receive notice.

You must manually enable and disable Spool & Suspend. This is different from our Store & Forward feature that automatically spools your incoming mail for up to 5 days when your offline and then automatically delivers it when you're back online.

To use Spool and Suspend

  1. Login to the control panel
  2. On left side bar under Hosted Service, click SpamStopsHere.
  3. On left side bar under Email Filter Admin Tools, click Spool & Suspend Email.
  4. On all domains you wish to suspend, check the box and click Submit.

Disabling Spool and Suspend

If you later want to disable Spool & Suspend, go back to the same page as shown above (Hosted Service>SpamStopsHere>Email Filter Admin Tools>Spool & Suspend Email), uncheck the Spool & Suspend box and then click Submit.

Spooling Duration and Bounce Messages

Our servers will try to deliver your email for up to 120 hours (5 days) if your mail system is still down after you disable Spool & Suspend. The senders will get their first bounce message after the message has been in the queue for 6 hours, saying that the message has not yet been delivered but that we will keep trying.

By default, our servers try to redeliver each message every 30 minutes. As a result, half an hour after your mail server is back up, you should have received all of your queued email.

If you also use our RestorEmail Archiving service, you can redeliver such messages once your mail server is back online, as well as send and receive messages while your server is offline.

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