Access WHM Setup

  1. To Log Into WHM, browse to your cPanel URL and login as root.
  2. At the bottom right of the screen, click the Plugins icon.
  3. Next click the SpamStopsHere icon.

New Reseller or Existing

Once above steps are complete, you have to sign up as a New Reseller or Existing Reseller.

If you are currently a SpamStopsHere reseller but signed up through a different channel other than this WHM/cPanel plugin, you will need to sign up as a new Reseller here. Accounts registered through WHM/cPanel are managed independently of your existing reseller account.

If you have previously signed up as a reseller through this WHM/cPanel plugin, you can click on the Already a SpamStopsHere cPanel Reseller button and enter your API credentials.


New Reseller

If you are a new reseller of SpamStopsHere click the Sign up to be a SpamStopsHere reseller button and complete the SpamStopsHere Reseller Signup form.

Existing Reseller

If you are an existing SpamStopsHere reseller click the Click here if you're already a SpamStopshere cPanel reseller button.

On the SpamStopsHere API Setting page provide your current Reseller API Key and your Subscribe Only Key.


Configure Pricing

Once you have completed the New Reseller or Existing section, click Set SpamStopsHere pricing to continue.


On the SpamStopsHere Prices page you can view reseller cost for mailboxes and domains for each subscription and configure what you wish your clients to pay for services.


Other Resources