Once you have completed the initial setup and configuration you can configure your customer by clicking on Enable SpamStopsHere.

Depending on your cPanel's default settings for "Email Routing", you may need to modify the setting to Local Mail Exchanger if you're hosting their email locally. https://documentation.cpanel.net/ for more information, and please feel free to call us anytime if you have any questions.

Configure cPanel Customer.png

Subscription plans & Mailbox Amounts

After enabling SpamStopsHere you can choose which subscription plans are ideal for your customer:

Multi-Layer Spam Protection, Zero-Day Virus Protection, Store and Forward Recovery, and Attachment Filtering.
All included with Standard, Additional Antivirus, and TLS Encryption.
All included with Business, Quarantine, and Multiple Mailservers.

Once you choose which subscription plan, assign which mail server you would like us to deliver to and the amount of mailboxes your customer needs.


Modify Subscriptions For Existing Clients

If you wish to update your clients subscription or mailbox count, on the Domain Settings tab under Action click on Modify Subscription.


View Subscription Changes

Click on Subscription Changes tab to view recent changes made to your clients accounts. You will see a list of Acknowledged and Unacknowledged Changes, this can assist you with billing your customers for SpamStopsHere in your billing system.

The Acknowledged and Remove Acknowledged buttons do not actually modify billing, they are used for your tracking purpose only.


Accessing Client Configuration

To view the end client configuration:

  1. On right hand side under Account Information click on List Accounts
  2. Next to the client you wish to view click the CP icon.


Client Side Configuration and Subscriptions

  1. While logged into your cPanel within the Mail category, click on SpamStopsHere.
  2. To update your SpamStopsHere packages, click on Modify Subscription.


This section will allow you to upgrade or downgrade your SpamStopsHere packages. You will not be able to update your mailbox count. Please contact your reseller if you wish to update your mailbox values.


Other Resources