Quarantine archives all messages blocked as spam for the end users you have set up for 7 days. Any message that is blocked as spam that you feel is in error, you can re-send the message from quarantine and our support staff will also receive a copy to review for false positives.

There are some steps that need to be taken in order to set up our quarantine feature.

Configure Quarantine

It is very important to complete the setup of your quarantine correctly to ensure it works as expected.

  1. Login to the control panel with your Administrative account.
  2. On the left side bar under Hosted Service, click SpamStopsHere.
  3. Next to the domain you wish to set up Click on Configuration Options.

Every filter action that is set to Reject or Delete should be also set up to be quarantined (i.e. Phrase filters, pattern, SPF).

  1. Next to the filters you have set to blocking spam click Edit.
  2. Above where you select your filter action, you will see a checkbox that says Quarantine - Send to the user's quarantine. Check this box.
  3. Click Set button.

Repeat this action for every filter you have set to delete or reject.

You will also need to set up end users for your account. This is done so we only quarantine email for addresses that exist on your network. This can be done by following the add a new end user instructions on the Add Users Settings page.

After those steps are done, you are enabled for Quarantine!

Access Your Quarantine

View list of quarantine messages:

  1. Login to the control panel
  2. On the left side bar under Hosted Service, click SpamStopsHere.
  3. On the left side bar under Email Filter Admin Tools, click Quarantine.
    • On this page, Email Quarantine, you will find all your quarantined emails.

To view all Quarantine messages company wide you must sign in as an Administrative account.

If you are looking for a message you feel was blocked my mistake you can use are Search bar at the top. By clicking the drop down you can select Advanced Search or change the Hidden Message option. (Exclude, Include, or Show Only Hidden)

If you feel a message was block by mistake, redeliver the message as a false positive.

Message Viewing Options

To view a message and options click the subject line. Here you will be able to view the header and body of the email. By clicking the Option button you will have a drop down of options to choose from.

Toggle Images
Allows or Disallows (shows as image hidden instead) images from view.
Toggle Text/HTML View
Changes view from plain Text to HTML.
Toggle Full Header
The defualt header is limited, this is expand to show the complete header.
Show Raw Message
This will open up the message in a full raw form.
Show Envelope
Shows additional information such as IP, Helo, Sender, etc.
Why was this blocked?
Enables you to view which filter blocked the message in question.

These options should help better under stand why a message was blocked.

Hide Quarantine Messages

If you would like a message to not be shown in your quarantine you can click the red Hide Message button. Hidden messages are still able to be searched, but do not show up on your quarantine list by default.

Redeliver Messages

If a message was blocked by mistake you can redeliver it the recipient(s) it was attended for or even add new recipient and report it to our Spam Analysis Team.

  1. Access Your Quarantine.
  2. Find the message in question and click the subject line.
  3. On the top right of the message click the Action drop down button, then Redeliver.
  4. Configure the Redeliver Message Options:
    If you check the box Send False Positive Report, a copy of this message will be sent to our Spam Analysis team so that we can improve our filters.
    After Redelivery
    If you check the box Hide Message, the message will be hidden from your quarantine view once it has been redelivered.
    Restore To
    You have the option to send the message to the original recipient(s) or you can select to have it restored to a Specific Address of your choice.
  5. Once complete, Click Redeliver.
Reporting as a False Positive helps use fine tone our filters to better serve our customers

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