We have had a few reports of SpamStopsHere customers having legitimate messages routed to their users' Office 365 junk folders. These reports were in spite of having our ip address ranges in the IP allow list and/or having created a bypass spam filtering rule. After confirming this behavior with Microsoft, they provided the following guide to configure their service to prevent this action from occurring.

Ensure our IP addresses are in your IP Allow List

Using the following Microsoft guide to ensure our IP addresses are implemented correctly in your Office 365 or Exchange Online IP Allow List.

Create a Receive Connector

Create a Receive connector to allow our Firewall IP ranges.

  1. Access the Exchange Admin Center, then click Mail Flow.
  2. At the top of the page, click Connectors.
  3. To create a new connector, click the + icon.
  4. The Mail Flow Scenario will be From: Partner Organization -> To: Office 365, click Next.
  5. Give the connector a name, e.g. SpamStopsHere -> Office 365 Inbound, then click Next.
  6. For "How do you want to identify the partner organization?", select Use the sender's domain and then click Next.
  7. Click the + icon and add * as the domain, then click OK.
    • * is a wildcard for all domains.
  8. Leave Reject Email Messages if they Aren't Sent Over TLS checked as we will use TLS by default.
  9. Select Reject email messages if they aren't sent from within this IP address range and add the listed IP ranges.
  10. Listed is our current list of IP addresses (as of 2/5/18), which can be found on your Firewall Configuration page within the Control Panel. ( - ( - ( - ( - ( ( ( ( ( ( -
  11. Once complete, click Next.
  12. Review the summary page and ensure all ranges are added.
  13. Once the information has been reviewed, click save to enable the connector.

Disable Junk Email Filtering in OWA

Individual users should also disable junk email filtering in OWA by setting it to Don’t move email to my Junk Email folder.

Use the following Microsoft guide to adjust your Junk Email Block or Allow setting.

Disabling the junk email filtering in OWA will disable mail being moved to the junk folder even by user rules. Please use discretion.

Have Any Questions or Concerns?

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