The Message Tracking feature in your control panel lets you quickly troubleshoot email delivery issues. For example, you can determine why one of the users in your account did not receive an expected email. It's much easier than deciphering a cryptic "bounceback" message.

Message Tracking is available to all customers whose incoming mail is filtered by SpamStopsHere, either as a standalone service or with our email archiving and hosting services. The interface is easy to use and read, and provides two weeks of message log data.

Watch this video introducing Message Tracking.

How to Use Message Tracking

To track a message:

  1. Login to the control panel
  2. On left side bar under Client Account, click Support.
  3. To the far right, click Trace Missing Email.
  4. Select the domain (if you have multiple) you want to search, a start and end date, and any other additional parameters.
  5. Click Create Search button.


You should set at least some of the available parameters to reduce the number of messages displayed.

Specifying only the required parameters (*) might return a lot of messages. You should also specify at least some of the optional parameters so the number of messages returned is manageable.
Specify which of your domains to search. If you only have one domain, it is already selected. (Default = all of your domains)
Search for any phrase contained in the messages subject (eg: Finance Report).
Specify the sending email address. To return all email from a certain domain, just specify that part (e.g., '')
Search for messages addressed to a specific recipient. For example, if a user reports a message missing, you can specify to look for messages for their mailbox.
If you're searching for an encrypted message, the recipient will always be zixvpmgateway@zixvpm.<yourdomain>.<tld> (e.g., '')
IP Address
If you know what IP address the message was sent from, use this to further narrow down the search to messages from that server.
Set the range of dates to search between, limited to two weeks back. You must select both the start and end dates. (Default = current date)
Filter Action
Only show messages that our spam filters took certain actions on. For example, you could only show messages that were rejected, or those that were accepted and those that were forwarded. (Default = all)
Limit the results to messages that were received (inbound) or sent (outbound). This only applies to customers with outbound filtering enabled. (Default = Inbound)
Sort Order
List the messages from newest to oldest (Newest First), or oldest to newest (Oldest First). (Default = Newest First)


Interpreting the Results

Once you submit your search, please give our systems a few moments to query the database. A table of matching messages will be displayed, organized by Subject, Sender, Recipient, as well as the Filter Action taken on the message (whether it was Accepted, Blocked, or the subject was modified), as well as the date.

Filter Action

  • Accepted - The message passed spam filtering and was sent to your mail server for delivery.
  • Rejected/Blocked - The message matched one or more spam filtering rules and was rejected.

If the message shows as accepted by our service, and you are still having issues receiving mail, check the Raw Logs tab. For each message, it will tell you whether your mail server accepted, rejected, or deferred the message when we relayed it. If the message was accepted, the message ID will be provided to ease in searching your logs. If the message was rejected by your mail server, the Delivery Status Notification error code will be given.

If the message shows as blocked/rejected, then it matched one or more of our spam filtering rules. If this message was legitimate and not spam, please contact our support team to remove the offending filters and allow your email through.

If the message still does not appear, try broadening or changing your search parameters. If it is absolutely not there, then our systems may not have received the message, and the issue could be on the senders end, or a potential issue with your configuration settings. Try first asking your sender to send mail to a different email address not affiliated to our service to see if they can send email at all.

If they are only having issues sending email to your domain, please contact our technical support and we'll be happy to assist you (as with everything!)


Please note that on the left hand side of each entry, is a button labeled "Details". This tab provides advanced information useful for troubleshooting further, especially if your message is shown as accepted yet you are not receiving it. When contacting our technical support, having this information at hand for the message in question will extremely expedite the resolution process.

  • Overview: The overview provides quick, easy to read detailed information on the specific message. If it was blocked, it will explain why and by what filter.
  • Raw Logs The raw logs page, as displayed to the right, shows detailed, advanced information about the message, the IP it originated from, Delivery Status Notification codes, and the message ID for your tracking purposes.

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