The Mail Test Utility attempts to connect to your mail server on SMPT port 25 from a series of our servers. It simply attempts to establish a connection and will report its result. This test does not require any email messages to be sent.

This is useful for testing your mail server's firewall settings, among other things.

Starting the Mail Test Utility

  1. Login to the control panel with your Administrative account.
  2. On left side bar under Hosted Service, click SpamStopsHere.
  3. On left side bar under Email Filter Admin Tools, click Mail Test Utility.
  4. Click Start New Test
  5. Check the mail servers you would like to test.
  6. Click Test Mail Servers

Wait until all servers have been tested, which usually takes about 2 minutes to finish. Servers that pass show "SUCCESS" under the result column. Those that don't show a failure message.

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