Zimbra lets you share your Inbox or any other mail folder or subfolder with another user.

1. At the bottom of the page, under the section labeled Share a Folder (Preferences -> Sharing), select Mail Folder for the folder type and click Share.


2. A pop-up window will appear labeled Choose Folder. In this window, select which folder you would like to share and click OK.


3. The next window named Share Properties will appear.

Select which type of user to share the mail folder with.
Internal, External, or Public
Enter in the email address of the user(s) you with to share your mail folder with.
Select the permissions you wish to grant to your user(s).
Select the type of notification message you wish to send to the user you are granting access to.


You cannot use a distribution list or an alias, a valid user account is required. This is necessary to assign user permissions to your share.

5. Click Okay once finished.

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