Using the Group Manager, IT Admins can define and edit custom permission groups for email accounts and services with a great degree of granularity.

You can assign each user's account the User and/or IT Admin roles. Each role has a default set of permission Groups, based on the services your account is subscribed to. You can change any user's default permissions by selecting a custom set of Permission Groups. You can also create your own Permission Groups and define a custom set of permissions for each.

Greenview Data's Hosted Email Services provide custom control over user permissions

Greenview Data's Hosted Email Services provide custom control over user permissions

View and Edit Permission Groups

The Group Manager lists the built-in groups available to your account, as well as any custom groups you have already defined.

  1. Login to the control panel with your Administrative account.
  2. On left navigation bar under Client Account, click Overview .
  3. Click the Manage tab, then click the Groups tab
    • You can also get to the Group Manager from any user's Groups page.

Click Details next to a group to view the that groups current settings.

Create a New Group

Click New Group to create a new custom permission group. That takes you to the "Create New Group" page. You can assign permissions for the account and for each available email service.

Name and Description

Enter a name for the group and an optional description.

Account Tab

On the Account Tab, specify what the group can manage for all of the domains associated with the account (Global Scope) as well as for each domain (Per-Domain Scope). You can optionally select to which domains the per-domain permissions apply.

Create a new custom permission group within the Control Panel

Service Option Tabs

There is also a tab for each of your hosted email services that have permission settings. Click on each tab, such as SpamStopsHere, to edit the Global and Per-Domain settings.

Create a new custom permission group SpamStopsHere service tab

Per-Domain Access

Select which domains within your account can use this group.

All Domains
Any domain under the account can use this group for their users.
Specific Domains
Select which domains under an account have access to use this group.

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