To prevent spammers from sending phishing scams, viruses and other email threats directly to your mail server, you can enable firewall rules to block all SMTP traffic that is not from SpamStopsHere servers. This will prevent email from bypassing our relays.

Before doing this, make sure your MX records only include the required SpamStopsHere entries. You can review them here. Remove all entries that point to your email server or any other server. If you have to delete any entries from your list, wait for the TTL value of your DNS resource records (preferably at least 72 hours), before continuing here).

Set Up the Firewall

  1. Login to the control panel
  2. On left navigation bar under Hosted Services, click SpamStopsHere .
  3. Under Options, click Configurations Options for the domain you wish to edit.
  4. Under Mail Server Settings, select Firewall. You'll see a list of IP addresses in the "Current IP Addresses" section.
  5. On your mail server or service, ALLOW all incoming SMTP (TCP port 25) traffic only from the "Current IP Addresses" list. You might need to consult your mail server's documentation for instructions on how to do that. Our support team might also be able to help.
  6. Once IP addresses are set on your email server, check the Firewall enabled box in the SpamStopsHere control panel.
  7. Save the changes by clicking the Save button.

Allow 10 minutes for the changes to take effect.

Checking Firewall enabled for mail server notifies us that you are using a firewall. We will then only attempt to deliver email to your mail server from the listed IP addresses.

Test the Firewall

After you've configured your firewall on your server and your SpamStopsHere control panel, you can test it using our Mail Test Utility.

Also see Implement a Firewall for more information.

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