Journaling helps your company respond to legal and company compliance requirements by recording inbound and outbound communications.

Microsoft Exchange Journaling

With the following steps you will be able to start a Journaling for Exchange 2007, Exchange 2010, Exchange 2013, Exchange 2016, Exchange Online, and Office 365.

Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010 Journaling

Create a Journal User

  1. Login to your Exchange Management Console.
  2. Click Recipient Configuration, and then Mail Contact, click New Mail Contact.
  3. Select User Mailbox and enter all required details needed.
  4. Once complete, click Save.

We recommend hiding this mail contact from the Global Address List.

  1. Right click on the new user and select Properties.
  2. Check the option Hide From Exchange Address Lists.

Configure Journaling

  1. Login to your Exchange Management Console.
  2. Click Organization Configuration, and then Hub Transport, select the Journal Rules tab.
  3. Right click to select New Journal Rule
  4. Enter a rule name.
  5. Click Browse and for the Send Journal Reports to: select the RestorEmail Journaling contact.
  6. Set scope to Global.
  7. Check the option Enable Rule.
  8. Click New.

Exchange 2013, Exchange 2016, Exchange Online, and Office 365 Journaling

Create a Journal Rule

  1. Open your Exchange Admin Center (EAC).
  2. Navigate to Compliance management and select the Journal rules tab.
  3. Click Add +.
  4. Within the Journal Rule, enter a name for the new journal rule.
    • For If the message is sent to or received from, select Apply to all messages.
    • For Journal the following messages, select All Messages.
    • For Send journal reports to, Copy the Journal Drop Address that we've provided and paste it into the Send Journal Reports to field.
  5. Once complete, click Save.

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