The Email Diagnostics tool performs a variety of tests on the domains selected to check for common problems affecting email delivery.

  1. Login to the control panel with your Administrative account.
  2. Under Client Account on the left navigation bar, click Support.
    • You will see options to contact us to help troubleshoot issues with you, and also self help tools such as tracing an email, and the Email Diagnostics.
  3. Click Email Diagnostics
  4. Check the boxes next to the domain(s) you'd like to scan and then click Run Diagnostics.

Email Diagnostic Tool Results

Diagnostics Information

This will run the following tests:

Inbound Message Queue Size
Check the number of messages that were received by our servers but have not yet been delivered to your mail server.
Spool and Suspend
Checks whether or not the "Spool and Suspend" option has been enabled for this domain.
MX Record Check
Checks if the recommended MX records for SpamStopsHere match the domain's current MX records.
Mail Server SMTP Check
Checks to ensure our servers can connect, receive a valid greeting, and issue the HELO and MAIL FROM commands to the mail server(s) specified for this domain.
Service Status
Checks whether or not service for this domain has been suspended for billing or other administrative reasons.
Mail Server Configuration
Checks to ensure that the mail servers for the domain are configured correctly. If hostnames are used instead of IP addresses, it also checks to ensure the host name can be resolved.

After the tests run, you'll be able to see the results of the tests. They will either show a green checkbox if the test passed, or a red exclamation point if errors were found. If errors are found, you can click the red exclamation point for additional information.

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