From Windows to iPhone, there are many email client apps that work flawlessly with our hosted email service. To help insure an easy setup we have created configuration guides for many popular email apps.

Email App and Client Settings

To setup any email application you will need at least the following information to complete the process.

User Information
Account Holders Name
First and Last Name
Account Holders Login
Email Address and Password
Mail Server Information
Incoming Mail Server Name*
Outgoing Mail Server Name*
Port Numbers and Secure Connection
IMAP - Recommended
993 (incoming)
995 (incoming)
465 (outgoing)
Recommended Connection**
Transport Layer Security (TLS), Secure Socket Layers (SSL) or Secure/Encrypted Connection

* Mail server information may vary from the example shown above.
** Server Authentication and Encrypted Communication wording may vary from client to client.

Desktop Email Client Guides

Follow our step-by-step instructions on how to setup and configure popular desktop email clients. The setup process varies bit from client to client, but most information needed to configure the client will be the same.

Mobile Email Apps Guides

Follow these step-by-step instructions on how to easily setup and configure popular mobile device email apps. The setup process may vary a bit between apps or devices, but most needed information is the same.

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