Depending on the type of subscription you have for your account, we will archive your email for 30 days (Business Continuity Edition) or indefinitely (Full Compliance Edition).

  • Continuity Edition is recommended as an "insurance policy" against accidental deletions. It also lets you read and reply to recent email, as well as compose new email if your mail server becomes unavailable.
  • Full Compliance Edition helps you comply with long-term record retention policies and eDiscovery requests.

How Email Archiving Works

To use RestorEmail, you simply tell us which email addresses/mailboxes to archive and make a few configuration changes, depending on whether or not you also use SpamStopsHere.

If you have a large number of addresses to archive, you might want to bulk import that information in a CSV file. Fields that you can import include: username, email address(es), password, and display name, as well as whether to email login credentials to the user and require the user to change the password.

Without SpamStopsHere

In most cases, we can archive your inbound, outbound and internal mail traffic even if you don't use SpamStopsHere. You simply configure the journaling feature on your email server or service to capture messages and forward them to the journal drop address that we provide.

With SpamStopsHere or Our Email Hosting

Using RestorEmail with SpamStopsHere makes archiving your inbound traffic very simple because it is already passing through our SpamStopsHere server cluster, which routes a copy to RestorEmail without passing it through your mail server first. You don't need to set up journaling, but you do need to provide a list of End Users whose mail is to be archived.

You can archive your outbound and internal email using your email server's journaling feature. If you have SpamStopsHere Enterprise Edition, you can also archive outbound email using our Outbound Filtering instead of journaling.

SpamStopsHere provides added security, too. The Store and Forward feature spools incoming for up to 5 days if your mail server or service is down and automatically delivers spooled messages when you're back online.

Enabling RestorEmail Archiving

  1. Login to the control panel with your Administrative account.
  2. Under Client Account on the left navigation bar, click Subscriptions.
  3. At the bottom of your subscription list, click Add/Edit Subscriptions.
  4. Check / Select RestorEmail and choose the plan that works best for you.

Once you've added the RestorEmail subscription, the End Users who have Archiving User permissions will begin to be archived.

Journal Drop Address

If you're using a third-party mail server or service (like Exchange, or Google Apps Gmail), you'll need to tell that system where to send mail that you want to archive. That's called a Journal Drop Address, which we provide when you sign up for RestorEmail.

To do the following steps, you'll need to sign up for RestorEmail first.
  1. Login to the control panel with your Administrative account.
  2. Under Hosted Services on the left navigation bar, click RestorEmail.
  3. Under "Email Archive" click the Management tab
  4. Click Journal Import

The Journal Drop Address is shown at the bottom of the page. If you need to set up journaling in your mail system, simply copy and paste that full address into the appropriate form. For example, here's how you can set up journaling in Exchange.

Add RestorEmail Users

Only email addresses linked to End Users will be archived. To add users you can either create an end user or bulk import users from a .csv file.

As the account owner, you can assign User and/or IT Admin roles to each user. The User role permits things like viewing and sending messages and searching the user's own archives. The IT Admin role exposes much more functionality, like viewing all users' archives, defining policies, initiating holds, etc. You can also assign custom permissions and make custom permission groups if needed.

Here are the permissions you can assign in a click or two with the built-in User and IT Admin roles (the availability of some depends on which version of RestorEmail you're using):

Email Archiving Built-in Per-Domain Permissions

Email Archiving Built-in Global Permissions

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24/7 Live Support

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