(Professional and Enterprise Editions) A daily report can be sent to each SpamStopsHere user listing email filtered as spam that was sent to that user's address. Each email in quarantine will also have a link the user can click to release the message and deliver it.

Reports are compiled daily in the eastern time zone. Users should receive reports for the previous day by 9AM EST.

Configure Daily Digest Report

To configure the Daily Report for a single End User:

  1. Login to the control panel with your Administrative account.
  2. On left side bar under Client Account, click User Management.
  3. To login as to the user to be configured, under Action click the Login As button.
  4. Under "Common Tools", click Daily Digest Report Settings.
  5. Select which e-mail addresses you would like the daily report to include.
    • With the drop down list you can combine data for all email addresses into one report to the selected address.
  6. Select what format you would like to receive reports in.
  7. Once complete, Click Save.

Report Format

Reports can be sent in 3 formats:

  • HTML in e-mail (Recommended)
  • Plain text in email
  • Attached CSV file. This format can be opened in Microsoft Excel as a spreadsheet.

Select Which Users Receive Daily Reports

A Daily Digest Report can be enabled per user and each user has the option to only send a report to a certain email address linked to their acount:

  1. Login to the control panel with your Administrative account.
  2. On left side bar under Hosted Services, click SpamStopsHere.
  3. For the domain you want, click Configuration Options.
  4. Click End Users.
  5. For each user whose report settings you want to change:
    1. Click Options
    2. Check or uncheck the "Daily Report" box(es) of each email address you want to change
  6. Click Submit to accept the changes or Cancel

Restore A Message

When you receive a report, you can click a link associated with each quarantined message to review and optionally release it.

If it is unclear that an attachment is actually spam or even harmful, give our support team a call before redelivering said message.
  1. Within the Daily Digest Report that contains the block message, click Deliver.
  2. On the Redeliver Messages page select the options you would like:
    Send False Positive Report
    A copy if this message will be sent to our Spam Analysis team to improve our filters.
    Hide Message
    The message will be hidden from your quarantine view once it has been redelivered.
    Restore To
    Select either the Recipient or a specific address you would like the message to be delivered to.
  3. Once complete, click Run Job.

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