This tutorial will teach you how configure the Opera Mail email client in a few simple steps. Configuration are the same steps for Windows, Apple and Linux.

Configuring Opera Mail using IMAP

IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) lets you view and manipulate messages from your Inky Client and other devices as if they were on your main computer. This is the best option for multi-device users.

  • Your email address
  • Your email password
  • The hostname of the Greenview Data mail server:
  • IMAP - 993 (incoming)

Creating a new account in Opera Mail

1. Launch the Opera Mail'.

2. If this is the first time using / running Opera Mail you will be prompt to create an account with their wizard, if not you must add a new account via options.

3. With the New Account Wizard select Email and click Next


4. Enter your Real Name, Email Address and Organization, click Next.


5. Enter your Login Name (email) and Password, then select IMAP and click Next


6.Verify Incoming and Outgoing Server is set to and select Use secure connection (TLS) for both. Once complete click Finish.


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