To complete your SpamStopsHere configuration you need to change your MX record. The list below shows related articles on changing your MX record based on your DNS provider. More information over configuring SpamStopsHere and MX records.

Top DNS Providers

Office 365
Our Wiki provides a complete article over configuring your Office 365 or Exchange Online with SpamStopsHere, which includes a section over switching your MX record.
In this help document, GoDaddy instructs you on changing mx records using their control panel.
Network Solutions
This Managing Advanced DNS Records support article explains how to change your MX records with Network Solutions.
Edit / Update your MX records using this 1and1 Mail Server Help Center article, all changes are done via their control panel.
The following are cPanel host, Email Routing also needs to be set to Local Mail Exchanger to complete this process.
With this complete article and videos, HostGator shows you how to change your MX records in a few steps. In a separate article you can learn how to change your Email Routing to Local Mail Exchanger.
Help documentation over modifying MX records and changing your Email Routing is provided by HostMonster, from adding new to changing existing.
This help article by BlueHost is their complete steps on how to change your MX Record and Email Routing.
This eHost article shows you how to change both your Mail Exchange Records and Email Routing.

More Helpful MX Record Guides

Information over configuring SpamStopsHere and your MX records