Use the Attachment Quarantine Sandbox to test for malicious content before releasing attachments or upload a file you are suspicious of.

  1. Process an attachment for malicious content during the retrieval process.
  2. Upload any file to be analyzed for malicious content.
  3. Get a simple Scan Result breakdown or view the Sandbox Analysis Report for more in-depth break down.

Select a File for Sandbox Analysis

Attachment Retrieval Analysis

During the process of retrieving / releasing an attachment from quarantine it is fully analyzed by our AV/Sandbox, unless bypassing is allowed. The process only takes a few mins and gives a brief Analysis Result breakdown with the option to view the full report.

Upload a File for Analysis

Have a file your unsure of? Upload it to be processed by our AV/Sandbox for malicious content.

  1. Login to the Control Panel
  2. On left navigation bar under Hosted Services, click SpamStopsHere.
  3. On left navigation bar, click Attachment Quarantine.
  4. Under Quarantine User, click the desired users Login as… or if an admin, Login To Admin Console.
  5. In the top navbar, click Upload File.
  6. Browse and select to the file in question, click Open and then Upload.
    • Not all file extension are supported, you will be prompted with “unsupported file extension!”.
  7. The uploaded file will then be processed, once complete you will be shown the basic Scan Results.


Sandbox Analysis Results

Once the attachment(s) have been fully processed you will be shown a brief Sandbox Analysis Result. This report will show you the attachments name and the reported results.

No Malware Content Detected

When an attachment is found to be safe it receives a result of No Malware Content Detected. This indicates that during the Sandbox process the file work correctly with no indications of malicious content. If being released from Attachment Quarantine, the attachment is delivered for download by the chosen method.


Warning Scan Result Inconclusive

When an attachment is found to be suspicious it receives a result of Warning- scan results inconclusive, proceed with caution! The attachment is still released in the method chosen, but includes a warning indicating the Sandbox Analysis Report. An Attachment flagged in this manner typically indicates that during the sandbox process the file was found to have suspicious activity during dynamic analysis. Meaning a file may have ran unusual processes, but it is inconclusive if they are malicious in nature. Note, This can also flag if the attachment does not load properly (errors) or is not fully supported by our sandbox.

It is highly recommended to view the full results, Sandbox Analysis Report, before downloading and proceeding to using the file.


Virus or Malware Detected

When an attachment is found to contain malicious content it receives a result of Virus or Malware Detected! The Attachment is not released, but a message is sent stating the results and includes an option to request an override. Attachments flagged in this this manner indicate that our sandbox Observed malicious activity during dynamic analysis. This result is to be taken seriously and the file should not be executed in anyway, shape, or form. If this file was uploaded it is recommended to notify your IT Admin of the results of our Sandbox Analysis.

It is highly recommended to view the full results, Sandbox Analysis Report, to gain a better understanding on why the file is malicious.

If it is felt this result was an error (or similar circumstances), the recipient can request an Override to allow the release of the attachment(s).


View the Full Sandbox Analysis Report

Once the attachment(s) have been fully processed you will be shown a brief scan result with the option to View Results, i.e. Sandbox Analysis Report.

  1. Once the sandbox process is complete, click View Results.
  2. An authorization code will be sent to your email address, enter the authorization code you received.
    • Admin accounts do not require authorization code when using the Admin Console.
  3. The Sandbox Analysis Report is then loaded for viewing.

More information over the Sandbox Analysis Results.


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