In addition to the zero-hour malware protection included in all editions, SpamStopsHere Business, Professional and Enterprise editions include traditional anti-virus filtering that scans email attachments smaller than 5MB.

Enable Anti-Virus

Anti-virus scanning is enabled by default if it is included with your subscription, and we suggest that you keep it enabled. Disabling it can introduce security risks.

  1. Login to the control panel with your Administrative account.
  2. On left side bar under Hosted Service, select SpamStopsHere.
  3. Next to the domain you want to configure, select Configuration Options.
  4. Under Attachment/Anti-Virus Filtering, select Anti-Virus.
  5. Under Anti-Virus Status, check Enabled or Disabled
  6. If enabled, select any Advanced Options.
  7. Once completed, click the Save button.

If any attachments are infected, the attachment will be removed and a message will be appended to the e-mail notifying the recipient of the virus found.


WARNING: Viruses or unauthorized attachment types were found in this
         e-mail and have been removed.
 Attachment: product.pif   Status: INFECTED (W32/Netsky.P@mm);  REMOVED

Advanced Options

By default, all messages matching the viral filter remove the attachment, and append a warning. Our advanced minimum option will allow you to tell the filter to delete the message with no warning if the body size is less than a configurable number of characters.

Disable minimum
I want to receive all virus warnings.
Enable minimum
Do not send me virus warnings when the message body size is less than <minimum number you set> characters.

Example 1

Someone sends you an email with no body text in the message, but there is a virus attached to it. If you had disabled minimum notifications, you would receive the email stripped of the attachment. If you had enabled minimum notification, you would never see the email or any virus warning.

Example 2

A co-worker forwards an email to you with an infected PDF file that matches our virus filter. The email has a few paragraphs of related text that totals 1,360 characters. If you had enabled minimum notification at 1,000 characters, you would receive the email with a virus warning, but without the attachment.

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