IT Admins can assign a custom set of permissions to a user or the default permissions inherited from the user's roles. The permission groups that are available depend on which hosted email services you have and the custom groups you've defined in the Group Manager.

Access User Permission Groups

At anytime you can access and/or update an users permissions group:

  1. Login to the control panel with your Administrative account.
  2. On left navigation bar under Client Account, click User Management .
  3. Under Action (far right column) click Permissions for the user whose permission groups you want to view and/or adjust.

User Permission Groups Options

Default Permission Groups

Select this to assign the set of permission groups inherited from the user's roles. There are two types of default permission groups:

  • "User" permissions let users access to their individual account settings
  • "Manager" permissions let users access account-wide settings.

Custom Permission Groups

Select this to assign one or more available permission groups instead of the defaults.

For even more control, you can create custom permission groups using the Group Manager.

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