With appropriate permissions, you can add a user to your hosted email services account:

  • You can assign regular or IT Admin permissions to the user
  • You can make the user an End User if you assign at least one email address

A user account with at least one email address assigned to it is an End User. Only End Users can use our hosted email services. Non-End Users can view and edit account settings in the Control Panel as allowed by their permissions, but they cannot use the hosted email services.

Adding a User to an Account

  1. Login to the control panel with your Administrative account.
  2. On left navigation bar under Client Account, click User Management .
  3. Click the Add User button.
  4. Fill out the Add User form, more info below.
  5. When complete, click the Save button.
You can also bulk import new user information all at once from a .csv file or use LDAP Authentication or User Import.

Create a new End User in our Control Panel

User Roles

Roles let you quickly provide a user with a default set of permissions. You can assign more than one Role to each user:

  1. Check IT Admin to let the user manage your entire customer account (full administration privileges)
  2. Check User to create a standard user who can use the hosted email service(s) and manage their own user account

For more control over permissions, you can override the default permissions for each user and create custom permission groups.

User Email Addresses

If you want to make any of the email services you're subscribed to (e.g., SpamStopsHere, RestorEmail, etc.) available to the user, you must assign at least one email address to the user account.

End User Email Aliases

You can add more than one email addresses to the same user account. Those are known as "aliases" that will share the same password. If you subscribe to RestorEmail, aliases will be listed under the same archive.

  1. Under Email Addresses click Add Another
  2. Enter the new alias in the form of an email address
  3. Repeat for additional aliases

Login and Password

Set an Login User name or use an Email Address. You can enter a login name to use for login or use the email for the account by selecting Use email instead (recommended).

Enter a Password or use Set a Random Password. If you would like to set the password to use, enter the password and confirm it. Another option for setting a password is Set a Random Password, using this option will ignore the password fields above and set a random password instead.

It is recommended to also select Email user with login credentials, this sends an email to the user including the password after saving this form.

Account information can always be recovered and/or reset, such as your username and password.

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