Zimbra Email Hosting for MSPs and ISPs

Free yourself from Zimbra maintenance as a Greenview Data Premium Partner

Simplify your IT. Become a Greenview Data Premium Partner and let us do the email hosting and spam blocking for you. Provide secure email powered by Zimbra® Collaboration and SpamStopsHere to your customers through our infrastructure and benefit from lower overhead and industry-leading margins. We'll help ensure a seamless migration at no additional cost and no down-time.

  • Secure Feature-Rich Email Powered by Zimbra Collaboration
  • SpamStopsHere Business Edition (Email anti-spam, anti-virus and more)
  • Geographically Disparate Data Centers with Real-Time Redundancy
  • Leading Margins, Volume Discounts, No Minimums
  • Anytime, AnyWhere, AnyDevice Access for You and Your Customers
  • Live 24/7/365 Support for You
  • White-Label Branding Options

Feature-Rich Zimbra-Powered Email Hosting and Collaboration

Our hosted email is easy-to-use and provides your customers with secure access anytime, anywhere from any web-enabled device or platform. We've added features for better productivity, scheduling and file management. And there's no extra hardware or software for you or your customers to buy or maintain.

  • Secure Data Centers
  • POP, IMAP, SMTP, and Webmail
  • Zimbra Web-based Interface
  • Live 24/7/365 Support for you
  • 30-day Rolling Archive
  • SpamStopsHere Antispam / Antivirus
  • Optional Shared Contacts, Calendars and more
  • Optional Outlook and Mobile Sync

Provide Our Other Cloud Services, Too!

You can also provide the rest of our secure Cloud email services. They work seamlessly together and with other email services and servers like Office 365, Exchange, Google Apps for Business Gmail and more. Contact us to discuss compatibility.

  • Email Antispam with Zero-Day Malware Protection
  • Email Archiving
  • Email Encryption

Premium Partner Benefits

Our Premium Partner program is designed for Managed-Service Providers (MSPs), Hosting Providers and ISPs who provide hosted email to their customers but don't want to deal with server maintenance and other costs.

What We Provide
  • Zimbra Hosting and Infrastructure
    Seamless Migration with No Down-Time
  • Secure Cloud Data Centers
    Anytime, Anywhere, AnyDevice Email
  • Live 24/7/365 Support
    For You from our Michigan Headquarters
What You Provide
  • Customer Billing
    Your customers remain your customers
  • Customer Support
    Contact us if you need help with a customer issue
  • Marketing and Sales
    Use our free white-label data sheets, landing page and more
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More Cloud Email Services for MSPs and ISPs
Complete Hosted Email Solutions with 24/7/365 Live Support

We don't just do email hosting. We provide a complete suite of Cloud-based email services that you can also sell to your customers. They work seamlessly together and with other email servers and services. All come with the same brilliant 24/7/365 live support for you.

SpamStopsHere Antispam/Antivirus
Fast ROI. No Filter Tuning Required.

Free up the resources you and your customers now expend trying in vain to keep up with dangerous email threats. SpamStopsHere provides powerful and accurate antispam and antivirus filtering, even for the most demanding customers like attorneys, doctors and hospitals, financial firms, logistics and manufacturing, who cannot afford to have a legitimate email blocked.

Powerful and Accurate Professional Filtering
Our professional threat analysts block 99.5% of spam 24/7/365 with almost no false positives, so you and your customers won't have to.
Virtually Maintenance Free!
That's right. No custom filter tuning, blacklisting or whitelisting is required. After a quick and simple setup, there's almost nothing to do.
More about SpamStopsHere

RestorEmail Archiving
30-Day Continuity and Full Compliance Policy Archiving with Legal Hold

Two editions of our RestorEmail™ secure Cloud email archiving cover individual, business and full enterprise needs. Both provide indexed, searchable archives of all inbound and outbound email.

30-Day Business Continuity
Continuity Edition helps protect against accidental email deletions with a 30-Day rolling archive.
Full Compliance Archiving with Policies and Legal Hold
Full Archiving with policy-based retention periods with legal hold helps your business customers comply with document retention requirements and eDiscovery requests.
More about RestorEmail

End-to-End Policy Encryption
Powered by Zix. Trusted by Millions.

Expand your revenue by providing our easy-to-use policy-based email encryption to your customers. It seamlessly integrates with virtually all business email systems and services. There's no additional hardware or software to buy or maintain. And it's powered by Zix, trusted by tens of millions of encryption customers in healthcare, finance, legal and more.

Automatic Policy and Easy Manual Encryption
Your customers can automatically encrypt outgoing email that meets policy filters for HIPAA, financial and sensitive personal information like SSNs. They can also manually encrypt any email simply and securely.
Two-Way Encryption
Your customers will love that recipients can reply encrypted without also having an encryption service.
More about Encryption

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