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I tell people that your products are superb...

"I tell people that your products are superb, of course. But even more important, I tell them the conscientious support and consideration you and your staff give your customers is unmatched anywhere. Thank you for the generous support you have provided me over the years."

Ian A. Morton, St. Paul, MN

Hosted Email Services

From the Business Continuity in our RestorEmail archiving service, to the exceptional anti-spam filtering in SpamStopsHere, to the quality of our easy-to-use web-based interface, we receive testimonials and reviews from customers all the time. Here are just a few of them.

We did the final cut over yesterday morning and everything seems to be working fine. Left almost everything on the default settings for the moment until I am happy with the mailflow, then will start tightening things up a little. The support from your tech team has been excellent despite the crazy time difference (Sydney Australia), and it also appears that your service is somewhat faster than McAfees, even though their servers are in Australia.

Kevin R., System Administrator (3/9/2017)

"Greenview's email hosting package saved us thousands of dollars and hours of time that would have been invested in deploying and maintaining an Exchange platform."

Brad Harris, Professional Business Services

[from a video testimonial]

"[Customer email] comes in through the Internet and goes through our spam filtering service, which we have through Greenview Data. That email is approved as being actual email, and not spam, and then sent down to our environment through our firewall, and into our email Exchange server, where users can access it...

What happened this Tuesday, at 7pm, was our Exchange file server went down. [I] found out our RAID controller memory had gone bad. ...what would that mean for my business, and the downtime and loss of productivity of not being able to access files work on projects communicate with customers via email and not having a place for my customers to communicate with me. ...what we have in place here actually allows us to still operate and function as a company...

...this spam filtering service, when emails come into it, if our servcer is down and it can't send the approved email to it, it queues it up...and saves it for five days. Once the server comes back on, it delivers those emails.

...the other service we had through Greenview Data was their archive or RestorEmail service. Through here was a web portal, which actually allowed our get 30 days worth of data through the web service, both receiving email as well as responding to email... When the server comes back online, the email that was saved in [the RestorEmail spool]...will be delivered back down into the server, will come into users' Outlook just as it would have...if the server had been online.

So, the impact that this had on our business...was minimal, because of the things we had in place in order to protect ourselves. We're still able to function, communicate with our customers, work on projects during that 36 hours, until...we were able to receive our part, put it into the server and bring it back up online."

Curtis Hays, VP Organizational Development, Core3 Solutions

"With Greenview Archiving, we don't have to be concerned about enforcing the policy. It's our safety net - it gives us peace of mind in knowing that it's being taken care of. We also really appreciate the personal attention and outstanding service we get from Greenview's support staff."

Denise Stark, System Administrator, Dick Scott Automotive

"Gentlemen. I feel obliged to tell you the following story.

First week of July, we had a huge thunderstorm with 80+ mph winds here in Columbus, Ohio. Power lines were down in much of Franklin county. Our office building was one of those that got hit with a power outage. Power was out for 24 hours first and then for 48 hours with a 24 hour break in between. For a small business that does not have servers duplicated elsewhere it was a work stopping catastrophe. However, throughout this ordeal, we did not lose a single email. Considering how important communication is to business these days, we were spared a lot of grief thanks to our subscription to SpamStopsHere. No matter the duration of our outages, whenever the power was restored and our servers came back online, all emails were delivered in what seemed like no wait at all.

I was considering subscribing to router based anti-virus/anti-spam not too long ago; even considered barracuda devices. But during this storm, all those devices would have been dead in the water.

Thank you for years of uninterrupted service and for saving our emails during the recent power outages. Accept a new client as a thank you gift (name withheld). Yes they lost a lot of emails during power outages and asked me how they could avoid that in the future and I had only one answer for them.

P.S. I nominally support a few clients on the side as a consultant besides holding a full time IT manager position with the company listed below, in case you are wondering.

With a lot of gratitude,"

Raheel Chaudhry, IT Manager, Barr & Prevost

"I've been both a user and reseller of Greenview's SpamStopsHere service since 2004, and it has been extremely accurate and reliable throughout that time. On top of that, Greenview's support team has been consistently quick, friendly, and very knowledgeable. Most times when I've needed to contact tech support, it has turned out to be a problem somewhere else. Greenview's team has always assisted me in determining the root cause, with a wonderful attitude and without any arrogance..."

Rick Mills, President, Technology Concepts of Central Florida

"I must say this is one of the most impressive services I've ever encountered... The user interface, stats, support, recommendations, and on-line documentation are all outstanding. A first-rate job throughout."

I.S. Manager, Garan Lucow Miller, P.C

"Your spam filtering and virus protection service is extraordinary. I am amused when I see the world clamoring to come to terms with spam while our service from SpamStopsHere totally resolved our issue with this persistent nuisance.

P.S. Last evening your service stopped dead 50,000 e-mails heading my way which contained the W32.Mydoom virus."

Jack Kunkle, CIO, Muhlenkamp & Company

"I have been signing clients up for a new spam filter that has led me to completely abandon every other spam filtering system on the market.

I've been using Spamstopshere now for about a year, and have signed up 5-6 clients with about 100 mailboxes on the system. I've been able to watch tens of thousands of messages go through the system (no, I've not been able to see the messages, just the numbers - I can barely get through my own email folks!)

But the stats are telling. This system, once set up properly, filters over 85% of the spam coming through the network without any substantial adjustments. With a few tweaks, it can approach 95%. For, I am currently at 96.3% spam reduced, and though I have done a very careful job building my white list (allowed senders) I don't know of any lost emails.

In each setup, I asked my clients to send over a vendor domain name list. We set up a google spreadsheet for them to pass around and folks put in the email addresses of vendors and other important associates. I then used that to quickly create a whitelist to load into spam stops here as I adjusted their DNS and so on. I am doing the setup for folks because it's a little intimidating to do DNS changes for many - and I just charge an hour's billing and get done with it. It works out fine.

I've used at least 10 other spam filters over the past 2-3 years. They all rely on global blacklists or challenge-response systems, and grab and kill a fair amount of "obvious spam" - but each have just enough annoyance (for either the recipient or the sender) to make them still have substantial impact on one's day.

SpamStopsHere has no such negative impact. I actually went through a little bit of a withdrawal period where I was going into my Qurb (another spam solution) folder to look for good messages and so on, but spam simply stopped. I have now uninstalled Qurb, and am guessing, earned back around 15-20 minutes per day. It almost feels like something is broken when you're not getting spam anymore. Don't worry - you get used to it.

This more than makes up for the quite reasonable costs of SpamStopsHere. While some will grumble over the $19 and up per month fees, they need to look at this from the point of view of lost productivity in their office over the course of the entire month. Yes, your ISP provides spam filters, but they are usually based on open-source systems that do not have the incredible URL/phone number filtering that SpamStopsHere has. This is a unique filter that is what catches the majority of the spam that comes through all of my clients' boxes.

And one other thing - I'm not a reseller and I have no financial interest in this program.


"Thanks for an utterly brilliant service. This may sound a little corny, but my working day has been transformed by not having to think about spam at all -- from hundreds a day down to nil, with perhaps half a dozen in my 'probable spam' folder. Wow.

The critical factor for me is the absence of false positives. (competitors' names withheld), etc. etc. all catch an occasional genuine email -- which make them effectively unusable for me. (competitor's name withheld) was pretty good, but still let through loads of spam. You, by contrast, seem to have processes which effectively turn off the spam faucet."

Thomas Nichols,

Brilliant Support

Our brilliant 24/7/365 customer support generates praise from users of all of our services. It is one of the hallmarks of our company and a great source of pride for us that we are here to help you via phone, chat or email from anywhere, anytime.

I would like to take this opportunity, once again, I am sure for a million-th time to thank you guys for the exceptional support. I went on the chat with Derek about an hour ago because one of my VIP customer's server was not able to send or receive emails. I expected Derek to tell me that all was ok on his end but above all that he decided to work with me to try and resolve the problem even after determining that the problem was on my Exchange server. He sent me a lot of articles to look up, giving some suggestions as well. It was the last article that he sent me that eventually did the trick. Unfortunately I could not get hold of him to thank him enough, but please do pass my gratitude to him.

Thanks to Derek and thanks to your staff for the extraordinary support.

Paul M., TechPro IT Services (12/19/2016)

"You provide the best customer support I have experienced in over 20 years of using a personal computer."

Al Clark, Santa Clara, CA

"I've been a very satisfied user of your software since inception - Initially VEdit (a literal Godsend) and latterly SSH (some 100 accounts)

Amazing products all - excellent value and easily met my expectations - often exceeding them.

And GreenView's client service sets the gold standard for the industry..."

Paul Loewen

"I tell people that your products are superb, of course. But even more important, I tell them the conscientious support and consideration you and your staff give your customers is unmatched anywhere. Thank you for the generous support you have provided me over the years."

Ian A. Morton, St. Paul, MN

"Did you know that over the last 5 years, you have been the best and most perfect IT company I have dealt with."

Derek Standley, IT Consultant, adaptIT

"I like your company a lot. I have since the first time I called. You have a different sort of vibe about you.... It’s nice."

Sami K., Runway 11, Inc. (July, 2017)