Hide Your Email Address from Spammers

A free tool from Greenview Data to help you fight email spam

Just as search engines "spider" your website to catalog information about you, spammers do too. They're not looking for your keywords, they're looking for your email address so they can spam you.

Use the following tool to help you stop spammers from finding your email address, and if you like, you can help us harvest more spam for our Spam Reviewers!

The trick is to not have your email address listed anywhere on the site as the page is loading. Instead, we'll use JavaScript to insert your email address both as visible text AND as a clickable link after the DOM has loaded.

All you have to do is insert your email address into the field below, then copy and paste the results from one of the text areas below wherever you'd like to link to your address on your site. The user must have JavaScript enabled, but who doesn't nowadays?

Please note, this form does not store your address, and we will never contact you based on using this form. The functions below are done with JavaScript running in your browser, and the data is never even transmitted to our servers.