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October 11, 2007

metromode, 10/11/2007
Writer: Kelli B. Kavanaugh
Source: Ted Annis, SpamStopsHere

It's a company spokesperson's job to tell you that their product or service is "the best." And Ted Annis from SpamStopsHere is no different. Except that he is, because he isn't feeding me a line. His service ranked first in accuracy in Network Computing's analysis of 27 spam-stopping software and hosted service packages.

SpamStopsHere is the latter, a hosted and managed service that is targeted to clients with ten to 50,000 employees. Annis says the service is ideal for companies that outsource their IT or have limited resources in their in-house IT department.

Founded as Greenview Data in 1980, the company primarily focused on text editing until 2001, when president Ted Green became frustrated by the proliferation of spam in his email box. "He started tooling around, and he ended up coming up with his own anti-spam product," says Annis. Launched in 2002, SpamStopsHere took off like wildfire.

Its five employees have grown to 20, necessitating a move into new Ann Arbor facilities. "It's a gorgeous, very technically advanced, brand new building," boasts Annis. "It is more than twice as large as our other space and has some technical renovations because we have our own servers in-house."

Annis adds that the company will create five to ten more positions by the end of 2008.

Ann Arbor suits SpamStopsHere well. "It is a very technically rich business atmosphere," says Annis. "We compare it to Silicon Valley."