SpamStopsHere Offers New Resellers Free Service

SpamStopsHere, Inc., the industry leading provider of e-mail security and anti-spam solutions, launched a special promotion for new resellers to receive free service. Technology resellers that sign up for SpamStopsHere’s reseller program receive free SpamStopsHere service for their own business.

The SpamStopsHere reseller program is designed to bolster the profitability of value added resellers (VARs). Resellers have the unique opportunity to offer their clients the most accurate spam and virus filtering solution on the market today. As spam and phishing attacks evolve and increase in sophistication, SpamStopsHere resellers are armed with the most effective weapon in messaging security. Aggressive compensatory programs allow resellers to reach their financial goals faster. Benefits include:

  • 30% off retail pricing
  • Mailbox pricing based on aggregate sales
  • No monthly minimums
  • 24/7 support
  • Custom reseller branding available

To learn more about the SpamStopsHere reseller program, please visit: Greenview Data Reseller Program

"Our SpamStopsHere reseller account was incredibly easy to setup,” said Mark Pugh, President of X-Tol. “The program offers technology resellers opportunities to market and sell a very powerful anti-spam solution. I have had rave reviews from my customers, and they are ecstatic about the filtering accuracy. Any technical issues are handled timely and professionally. It’s been a pleasure doing business with such a wonderful company."

“Offering free service for their business is a great way to encourage resellers to kick the tires and try us out,” said Ted Green, President of SpamStopsHere. “Our reseller program really caters to technology resellers that focus on the small to midsize business market. The majority of our competitors require resellers to pay monthly minimums that make it almost impossible for them to turn a profit selling to the SMB market. Our program is very unique in that we don’t impose any minimums on our resellers; this enables them to capture accounts that are typically overlooked by our competitors.”