SpamStopsHere Anti-spam Service Launches IT Security Blog

SpamStopsHere, Inc., the industry leading provider of e-mail security and spam filtering solutions announces the launch of the Secure Channel Blog.

SpamStopsHere developed the Secure Channel Blog to educate and inform the public and business community about technology and security issues that affect everyday life. Blog topics range from simple security tips to in-depth discussions of technical security issues that affect the business world. Discussion participation is open to the public. Information technology professionals are encouraged to participate in blog discussions and suggest future topics. The Secure Channel Blog can be found at:

“The response over our blog has been tremendous,” said Ted Green, President of SpamStopsHere. “Our Senior Technical Officer, Mark Adams, has done a phenomenal job of writing quality content that evokes debate and discussion from people all over the world. Our hope is that we can help educate the general public about serious cyber security issues that have potentially dangerous consequences for businesses and individuals.”

“When Ted Green, our CEO, asked me if I'd be willing to be the senior author for the blog, I jumped at the chance to share my knowledge and viewpoint on these subjects,” said Mark Adams, Senior Technical Officer of SpamStopsHere. “My job involves troubleshooting different problems every day, so I'm able to keep things fresh by simply blogging about something that I've been working on. At the end of a busy day in the trenches, it's very rewarding to take a step back and share what I have learned that day in a way that will be useful to our readers.”

SpamStopsHere is the most accurate Enterprise-level precision email filtering solution on the market today. With its unique databases of known spam and spammers (updated every five minutes), SpamStopsHere blocks 99% of spam without blocking business-critical emails. SpamStopsHere achieves this industry leading accuracy “out of the box”; there is no tuning or maintenance required! Implementing SpamStopsHere’s managed solution requires no hardware, no software, no updating by your IT staff and is ideal for any Enterprise ranging from 10 to 50,000 end-users.