SpamStopsHere Announces Tremendous Growth Despite Economic Crisis

Ann Arbor, MI, December 3, 2008 - SpamStopsHere, Inc., the industry leading provider of email security and spam filtering solutions, announces tremendous growth and expansion despite tough economic climate.

SpamStopsHere sales have risen sharply over the last year and pre-sales of Greenview Data's new hosted email archiving product, RestorEmail, have already begun. Greenview Data has hired multiple programmers and support personnel to help facilitate the launch of RestorEmail in early 2009. RestorEmail will compliment Greenview Data's email security offerings and provide organizations the business continuity needed to secure their email.

Greenview Data is one Michigan-based business that is thriving despite tough economic times. Greenview Data attributes much of the growth and success over the past year to its 300% increase in reseller channel sales, expansion into the education market sector and to their unrivaled 24x7 technical support available to all customers free of charge.

"Spam doesn't slow down because of the economic climate," said Ted Green, President of Greenview Data / SpamStopsHere. "Because of the economic crisis, businesses are becoming more cost conscience. More and more businesses are turning to the software as a service model rather than software and hardware solutions. Hosted solutions such as SpamStopsHere offer much more flexibility and scalability at prices that are typically much lower than software and hardware solutions. Also, we understand that our support and customer service play a large role in our success. We are constantly striving to give our customers the best possible customer support experience possible."

SpamStopsHere leads the industry in accuracy and is the only hosted Enterprise-level precision email filtering solution on the market today. With its unique databases of known spam and spammers (updated every minute), SpamStopsHere blocks 99% of spam without blocking business-critical emails. SpamStopsHere achieves this industry leading accuracy "out of the box"; there is no tuning or maintenance required! Implementing SpamStopsHere does not require hardware, software, or updating by IT staff and is ideal for any Enterprise ranging from 10 to 50,000 end-users.