Updated Email Hosting Editions

We recently updated our Email Hosting solutions, adding a mid-level edition to better serve the needs of current and future customers. You don't have to take any action unless you want to switch some or all of your users to the new mid-level edition.

"Business" and "Premium" services are now called "Standard" and "Professional", respectively, with the same features and pricing as before. In between, we've added a mid-priced "Business" Edition. Here are the details:

  • Standard Edition: Formerly known as Business Edition, this remains our entry-level offering for users who don't need collaboration and other advanced features. Don't worry. We only changed the name. The features and pricing are the same.
  • Business Edition: Business Edition is a new mid-tier and mid-price service that adds collaboration and document storage to Standard Edition. It's great for customers who need to collaborate with colleagues but don't need all of the mobile device management.
  • Professional Edition: Formerly known as Premium Edition, this remains our top-of-the-line email service. It has all the Business Edition features, plus remote sync, mobile device management, and full Outlook support (sync and sharing). The name better reflects the type of customers (salespeople, doctors, attorneys, etc.) who typically need the full set of features.

We also updated our Email Hosting video to reflect these changes. You can watch that and our other videos here.

As always, you can mix and match editions within your email hosting account. For example, you might buy a blend of the more cost-effective Standard and Business Editions for most users and Professional Edition for your executive team. And you can change the mix on the fly as the needs of your staff change.

If you would like to speak with someone about our secure business email, contact our sales team at or 734-426-7500.