SpamStopsHere: Most Accurate Hosted E-mail Filtering Platform Blocks 99 Percent of Spam, Ensures Delivery of Legit E-mails

ANN ARBOR, MI, July 22 - The war against e-mail spam is both global and costly with companies around the world pouring time and resources into combating this nuisance. Between ensuring that actual spam gets blocked and digging through the quarantine for legitimate e-mail that was flagged in error, eradicating spam eats up time, energy and money. Fortunately, the industry's deadliest weapon in the spam war is now also one of the most affordable and easy to use.

Greenview Data's SpamStopsHere virtually eliminates spam by blocking 99 percent of junk e-mails, guaranteed, while ensuring delivery of 99.99 percent of legitimate e-mail with the industry's most accurate precision spam filter. SpamStopsHere's fully-managed, hosted platform requires no installation or tuning, no IT support to operate or maintain, and costs as little as $6 per mailbox per year.

With SpamStopsHere in place, companies can realize an immediate positive return on investment by saving both IT department and employee time, reduce the risk of network security breach and credit card fraud, eliminate offensive pornographic emails, and even save energy costs and the environment.

"A recent ICF International study found that worldwide spam e-mails consume enough energy to power 2.4 million homes in the United States annually," said Ted Green, president of Greenview Data. "Between the lost productivity, higher utility bills, strain on IT departments and the offensive nature of some spam e-mails, a fully managed and highly accurate spam-blocking platform is imperative for businesses of all sizes. SpamStopsHere is guaranteed to virtually eliminate spam and provide unprecedented confidence in knowing that legitimate e-mails will not be blocked - all without additional strain on company resources."

To make it even easier, SpamStopsHere is backed by Greenview Data's concierge-quality 24/7, 365 telephone and email support. Support calls are answered by a qualified and friendly technical engineer, guaranteed, with no automated menus or voicemail - ever.

In addition to the time, energy and resources saved, SpamStopsHere also provides:

  • Quick and easy out-of-the-box deployment that takes just minutes to setup and requires no changes to existing email servers or computers.
  • Internet bandwidth savings that often surpass the price of the service itself.
  • E-mail service continuity by "spooling" (storing and forwarding) messages if the mail server is offline for immediate delivery once it is restored.
  • E-mail reliability with multiple, redundant, geographically disparate servers to protect the integrity of e-mail communications.

SpamStopsHere's optional anti-virus protection scans e-mail attachments for viruses and removes infected files. Scan summaries added to the bottom of e-mails alert users when attachments have been removed.

For added e-mail assurance, Greenview Data's RestorEmail cloud-based archiving solution provides convenient, ongoing archival storage and real-time retrieval access for vital e-mail data to ensure business continuity, regulatory compliance and protection against catastrophic loss of e-mail data in the event of a disaster.

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About Greenview Data:
Greenview Data, Inc. has been providing its critically acclaimed SpamStopsHere anti-spam network security solution to clients across the globe since 2002. Founded in 1980, the company created the powerful VEDIT™ text editor, which has been licensed to more than150,000 users since it’s launch. Its EBCDIC to ASCII conversion service provides conversion solutions through turn-key contracting and consulting. Greenview Data, Inc. is a privately held company headquartered in Ann Arbor, MI. For more information, visit or call 800.458.3348.