Merit Network Partners with Greenview Data to Provide Award-Winning Anti-Spam Solution to E-mail Members

Greenview Data's Affordable, Effective SpamStopsHere Hosted Solution Now Available to More than 250,000 MeritMail Users in the Education Industry

Ann Arbor, MI November 3, 2009 – Merit Network, Inc. just turned up the heat to provide the best e-mail spam solution for its MeritMail members. Greenview Data, Inc., a leading provider of hosted email security and encryption services, announced today that Merit Network, Inc. has chosen Greenview Data's award-winning SpamStopsHere anti-spam solution to provide an affordable and highly effective e-mail spam prevention option for its members.

As a nonprofit organization, Merit provides more than 250,000 email boxes to colleges, universities and K-12 public and private school districts across the state of Michigan and the U.S. through its MeritMail service. In addition to e-mail, MeritMail also includes calendaring, instant messaging and document sharing solutions.

"We are thrilled to partner with Merit and offer their members one of the most effective and accurate anti-spam solutions available," said Ted Green, president of Greenview Data. "I know that Merit has been a true Internet pioneer since the 1980's. Adding SpamStopsHere to its portfolio of services will bolster that reputation and provide an easy and affordable solution that will virtually eliminate the nuisance and security risk associated with spam."

Once just a nuisance, spam has now become a financial risk as spammers seek to swindle their targets through phishing scams or bogus product sales. The education industry is a prime target for spammers who see legacy domains hosting huge communities of potentially affluent faculties and staff, and students who conduct most of their shopping and banking online.

"We needed an advanced spam and virus option that could provide the advanced features and services our members require, but do it at an affordable cost," said Rob Golden, vice president of research and development at Merit Network. "Greenview Data is very well-respected in the community, and the addition of SpamStopsHere has allowed us to provide our members a powerful new protection option."

SpamStopsHere uniquely protects MeritMail members' both incoming and outgoing mail: not only does it filter and block the delivery of 99.5% of spam to users' mailboxes without blocking legitimate mail, but it also thwarts the distribution of outgoing spam, which may occur as a result of a botnet or otherwise corrupted machine.

"In the past, we've had whole colleges whose domains become blacklisted and virtually shut down due to spam generated from a corrupted machine on campus," Golden said. "The fact that SpamStopsHere can prevent this problem protects the continuity of their business operations, as well as their reputation."

SpamStopsHere is now available to all Merit members. A simple and easy integration process makes the implementation virtually invisible to the end user. Customized variables may be adjusted quickly and easily by request for each institution.

"One of the reasons we chose Greenview Data is because implementation is as simple as routing our member's mail to their secure data centers where it is immediately processed," Golden said. "All we have to do is redirect the mail through Greenview's system and then back to us. The cleaned-up mail arrives at the end-user's inbox with virtually no delay, and absolutely no spam."

Recognized by Network Computing Magazine as the most accurate hosted anti-spam solution available, SpamStopsHere blocks 99.5% of spam with its unique databases of known spam and spammers (updated every minute) without blocking business-critical emails. The system's fully-managed, hosted platform requires no installation or tuning, and virtually no support or maintence from internal IT departments making it ideal for organizations of all sizes.

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