ReviewCam: Greenview Data's SaaS-based E-mail Archive

Posted by Fritz Nelson, Aug 28, 2009 06:30 PM

Used to be you'd send a snappy little e-mail, carbon copy your boss to cover your ass, and life was grand. I grew up on PROFS and then cc:Mail when we went to "store and forward" systems (whatever that meant). It was cute, a novelty, like Twitter but without all the vitriol. Now it's subpoena material, proof of your negligence, or maybe just your nonchalance. You write it and it lives forever, by law. From thus emerges companies like Greenview Data keeping everything in its cloud-based e-mail archiving system.

Greenview, a software as a service, routes every piece of e-mail through its spam-filtering system (boldy called SpamStopsHere), and then onto your mail server. From there, it can send a copy to its restore e-mail archive cluster, all, so Greenview says, with undetectable delay. Not only can it serve as an archiving system, but it also provides e-mail continuity in case of down time -- that is, users can actually log into the system and act on e-mail the same way they can in their own mail systems in the event of downed mail servers or maintenance issues, for example.

The company's executives (Phil and Ted Green) gave me a demonstration and it works very simply. You can watch the video below to see for yourself -- for the demonstration they actually took 40,000 messages from Enron. This was e-mail data made public by the government after the Enron trials. Phil and Ted walk us through the IT adminstrator view and the end-user view.