RestorEmail Archiving Makes FOIA Response Easy

Compliance Headache Cured at Howell Public Schools

The IT Director for Howell Public School District in Michigan cured his FOIA response headache with SpamStopsHere Antispam and RestorEmail Archiving from Greenview Data.

What Pominville said he finds invaluable is the way it enables him to perform e-mail lookups. "I can run filters on multiple mailboxes at the same time," he explained. "I can go in and place different queries on mail from [this person] and [that person] and [that other person] and just keep adding filters for dates. It's a lot easier for me."

As the results are returned, they're listed message after message. Pominville can highlight the ones he wants and export them as individual MSG message files.

— FOIA Headache Cured at Howell, The Journal 10/27/2009