Improved Message Tracking

Find Missing Email Quickly

SpamStopsHere™ has an amazingly low false positive rate of 0.001%. That means it will block fewer than 1 out of 100,000 legitimate emails. And it does so with an exceptionally high 99.5% spam-blocking rate without any learning period or tuning. So, it's extremely rare for SpamStopsHere to block an email that isn't spam.

Of course, legitimate emails can still be blocked for good reasons (like a misspelled email address). Our "Message Tracking" feature gives you the information you need to help resolve such issues on your own...without picking up the phone or logging in to you support portal for assistance.

Message Tracking is included with all editions of SpamStopsHere. The new version gives you a more intuitive interface to track down missing emails quickly and easily without any technical knowledge. It also expands on existing features:

  • Faster search results
  • Up to 500 results (the limit was 100)
  • Result sorting by date (oldest or newest first)
  • Optional search Start and End Dates with familiar date picker controls

Watch our video that explains how to find a missing email. It shows the original version of Message Tracking, which is still informative. We'll be updating it in the near future.

If you would like to speak with someone about our SpamStopsHere or its new Message Tracking feature, contact our sales team at or 734-426-7500.