Legal Hold for Email Archiving and eDiscovery*

New RestorEmail Feature Overrides Document Retention Periods

RestorEmail™ includes flexible policy-based archiving that provides your customers with Email Continuity, full Email Archiving to aid in their compliance plans, and amazingly fast indexed searching for document retrieval when they need it.

A new "Legal Hold" feature makes it even easier for attorneys and law firms, doctors and other healthcare providers, banks and other financial firms, and other businesses comply with eDiscovery. It was specifically requested by our partner community, and we've implemented it in the latest RestorEmail release.

To add a legal hold, you simply create a "Saved Search" and select to Hold emails that match the search for a new retention period. It will override all standard retention policies. Emails that match the search will not be deleted from the archive until after the hold expires or is removed.

Holds can also easily be shared between users, so necessary parties can see the same data at the same time. Account Administrators can provide and revoke access to the results of any Hold in the account at any time.

Emails that match the saved "hold" search can easily be exported if and when needed.

If you would like to speak with someone about our RestorEmail secure Cloud-based archiving, contact our sales team at or 734-426-7500.

*For informational purposes only. This is not legal advice and does not create an attorney-client relationship. See a qualified attorney if you have legal questions or concerns.