Greenview Data Channel Partners Enjoy High Margins, Few Worries with Award-Winning Anti-Spam and E-mail Archiving Solutions

ANN ARBOR, MI, Aug. 12 - As familiar and prolific as the desktop stapler, e-mail has virtually replaced the telephone as the primary method of communication in today's business environment. Safeguarding this vital link from the nuisance of spam to save time and money, and mitigating the risk of catastrophic data loss is critical to ensuring business continuity.

With Greenview Data's SpamStopsHere, the most accurate hosted anti-spam solution, and RestorEmail automated archiving service, IT consultants and ISPs can help their customers save both time and money, and protect mission-critical e-mail access - all while adding value to their service offerings and enhancing their own bottom line.

High Margins, Few Worries, No Strings Attached

The Greenview Data reseller program offers sales partners the highest profit margins in the industry - up to 50 percent - with worry-free solutions backed by the company's 24/7 concierge-quality telephone and email support, sales and marketing assistance, and the option of a branded control panel. With no monthly sales minimums, setup fees, or licensing fees, Greenview Data's partner program makes it simple and seamless for IT firms and ISPs to offer these award-winning e-mail security and archiving solutions to their customers.

"Our suite of services make it incredibly easy and quite profitable for resellers to add value to existing relationships and entice new customers by delivering peace of mind and greater confidence in the reliability of critical e-mail traffic," said Ted Green, president of Greenview Data. "As the dependence on e-mail grows, so too does the need for effective, affordable and efficient tools that can help ensure peak performance of this vital medium. Our anti-spam and e-mail archiving solutions do just that and are right for any size business."

Eliminate Spam, Save Time and Money

SpamStopsHere is recognized as the industry's most accurate hosted e-mail filtering platform. This deadly weapon in the war against e-mail spam virtually eliminates the time-wasting, resource-hogging spam nuisance by blocking 99 percent of junk e-mails, guaranteed, while ensuring delivery of 99.999 percent of legitimate e-mail with its precision spam filter. SpamStopsHere's fully-managed, hosted platform requires no installation or tuning, virtually no support or maintenance from internal IT departments, and costs the end-user as little as $6 per mailbox per year. This easy-to-own system delivers an immediate positive return on investment for end-users by saving both IT resources and employee time, reducing the risk of network security breach and credit card fraud, eliminating offensive pornographic emails, and even reducing energy costs and environmental impact.

Efficient, Affordable E-mail Archiving

RestorEmail hosted e-mail archiving solution provides convenient, ongoing archival storage and real-time retrieval access for vital e-mail data to ensure business continuity, regulatory compliance and protection against catastrophic loss of e-mail data in the event of a disaster. RestorEmail is available in two editions to meet every retention need:

Email Archiving Edition provides indefinite archival storage for compliance and easy retrieval access to every sent/received e-mail, up to 1 GB of data per user for just $4.50 (retail) per user per month;
Business Continuity Edition is ideal for disaster recovery planning and provides archival storage and retrieval for a full 30 days, as well as the ability to send and receive e-mails even when the server is down, starting at just $1 (retail) per user per month.

"Perhaps the most valuable benefit for our resellers is our aggregate sales pricing model," Green said. "Because the price per mailbox is based on the number of mailboxes sold in total, not just to each customer, the more you sell, the greater your discount - and your profit margin."

E-Mail Disaster Recovery in Action

As a Greenview Data partner, the team at Core3 Solutions knows exactly how valuable the RestorEmail service is to ensuring business continuity in the event of a disaster: it helped them to survive one of their own. When their internal Windows Exchange server crashed at 7 p.m. on a Tuesday, CIO Curtis Hays said the company's e-mail service remained fully operational with the help of the same RestorEmail service that Core3 provides to its own clients in southeastern Michigan.

"Like many other businesses, we rely heavily on e-mail communication," Hays said. "But, when our e-mail server failed, it actually had a very minimal impact on our businesses thanks to the RestorEmail service. Even though it took nearly two days to receive and install the faulty part, we were able to send and receive e-mail through the RestorEmail web portal the entire time. In fact, most of our customers had no idea that we'd lost such a critical piece of our infrastructure. From their perspective, it was business as usual."

Core3 has also been a SpamStopsHere customer and reseller for four years. Hays said the service is not only extremely effective in eradicating spam, but it also practically pays for itself.

"SpamStopsHere helps our customers gain back time they once wasted in dealing with spam, along with their sanity," he said.

Worry-free Support Delivers High Customer Satisfaction

Technical support needs are handled exclusively by Greenview Data's qualified and friendly technical engineers. For resale partners, this means they can be confident that their customer's questions and concerns will be handled by a live, knowledgeable human being, guaranteed, with no automated menus or voicemail - ever.

Greenview Data also provides, by request, a branded reseller control panel, allowing IT firms and ISPs to reinforce their brand message with a customizable user interface that is both consistent with their corporate identity, and easy to deploy and use.