Setting up your Zimbra email service is quick and easy. Follow the steps below and you'll soon be on your way.

Setting up Email Hosting

  1. Login to the control panel.
  2. On left navigation bar under Hosted Services, click Hosted Email .
  3. Follow the Administrative link to reach your Zimbra Admin Panel.
  4. Once logged in you can create your users, aliases, and distribution lists.

    Exchange Migration: If you're migrating your entire domain from an Exchange environment, you can use the Exchange Migration Wizard to help with this process. Click the Downloads link in your admin control panel.
  5. Once your users are created, you'll need to decide if you're migrating your existing email and if so how to accomplish this.
    If you've been in a POP environment and plan to continue using POP you can skip this step.
    If you use IMAP, you'll want to use IMAPSync or another means of copying the messages over IMAP.
    If you use Outlook, you can use the PST Import Wizard included under the "Downloads" link in your admin control panel.
  6. Connect your mail clients to our server. Follow the steps for the appropriate mail client (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc) here: Email Client Configuration
  7. Once you're done with the above steps, you'll need to redirect your incoming email to our SpamStopsHere servers, as described in the domain activation email you should have received after signing up for email hosting.

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