RestorEmail users with Manager permissions can customize the account's email archive settings.

  1. Login to the control panel.
  2. Under Hosted Services on the left navigation bar click RestorEmail.
  3. From the Email Archive home page, under Email Archive select Management.

On this page you will find the following options:

Journal Import
Archive internal emails that never leave your server
View, edit, destroy, and create archive policies
Background Jobs
View the progress of a restored message
File Exports
List of past file exports
Saved Searches
List of saved searches, To create a saved search, go to your archive and perform a search. Then click on the "Save Search" button.
Blanket Hold
Pause the purging (deletion) of messages that match retention policies.

Journal Import

To reach the Journal Import, under Archive Management select Journal Import.

Email sent to internal users at your company will not leave your mail server. For example, if sends an email to, the email will be delivered to that user without ever leaving your mail server. Therefore, this archive system will not receive a copy and the message will not be archived.

In order to archive internal email, you must setup journaling on your mail server to capture a copy of all sent and received email. The captured copies must then be forwarded to your specific journal drop address specified on the Journal Import page.

You do not need to setup journaling if you are currently using our Email Hosting service or you don't require internal sent/received email to be archived.


To reach the Policies, under the Archive Management select Policies.

Policies allow you to set custom retention times for sender and/or recipient of the policy you create. On the Policies page you are shown a list of policies you have in place and given the option to edit, destroy, or create a policy.

While creating / editing a policy you have these options:

Enter a full address, a question mark '?', a wildcard address such as '*' or '*'. A question mark will match if the email address is associated with a user in your account.
Can be an address or a wildcard matcher like the sender field
Apply to
The archive time can be applied to either the sender, recipient(s), or both
Archive Time
Leave blank for infinite retention or 0 for no retention. Otherwise, specify how long, in seconds, to retain messages for the sender and/or recipient that matched this policy (there are 86400 seconds in a day)

In most scenarios, you will check both recipient and sender for the Apply To option. However, in certain circumstances you may want to apply a policy only to the sender or only to the recipient. For example, you could create the following two policies:

"" Recipient: "*" Archive Time: 86400 Apply To: Sender
"" Recipient: "*" Archive Time: 172800 Apply To: Recipient

If the archive system receives a message sent by to, it would archive the message for 1 day for and 2 days for

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