Accessing your RestorEmail archiving is very simple, just login to the control panel and under Hosted Services on the left navigation bar click RestorEmail. This will bring you to your Email Archive home page, here you can view your individual archive and the entire account's archive with the correct permissions.


View Your RestorEmail Archive

From the Archive home page you can view either Your Archives or Company Archives (with correct permissions).

Your Archives
On the left navigation bar under Your Archives select All Addresses to view all email address listed under your account or click the specific email address you would like to view.
Company Archive
On the left navigation bar under Company Archives select All Domains to view all email address listed under all your domains or click the specific domain you would like to view.

Selecting either option will bring up a list of the archived messages under that account. If there is a message in the list your would like to view a just click the subject.


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