Office 365 Email Encryption

HIPAA / HITECH and FIPS-Compliant Secure Email Communication

Greenview Data Hosted Email Encryption integrates easily with Office 365 by using Microsoft's Outbound Smarthost Connector to route email to ZixCorp's policy-based email encryption service.

(Note: We also provide a ZixGateway encryption appliance and virtual appliance for easy Office 365 email encryption.)

Hosted Email Encryption Benefits

Our hosted email encryption service is powered by the industry-leading ZixCorp, trusted by over 40 million users. For business needs or privacy, Greenview Data's email encryption offers many benefits:

Stay compliant with healthcare (HIPAA / HITECH) and financial regulations (like FIPs), as well as state privacy lawsand your own corporate policy
Seamless Operation
Transparent email exchange with other members of the ZixCorp email encryption.
No public key management. Simple user-initiated and automatic policy-based encyption.
Greenview Data's Email Encryption integrates quick and easy

Encrypt Office 365 Email with Greenview Data

ZixCorp's "Best Method Of Delivery" secures your email with peace of mind while also giving you many features others don't.

Policy-Based Enforcement
ZixCorp's scanning engine will automatically encrypt all outbound email that matches content policies.
No Public Key Management
As simple a click of a button, stay encrypted with no key management or software.
Branded Encryption Portal
Optional company Branded Email Encryption Portal provides a custom secure email notification platform that is branded and customized for your company.
24/7/365 Support
Greenview Data's Brilliant 24/7/365 Live support is included! 24/7/365 monitoring, maintenance and technical support via phone, email, chat and ticket system is included with our hosted service at no extra charge.
24/7/365 Live Support
from our Michigan Headquarters

Live 24/7/365 support for all issues is included with all Cloud email services. Contact us anytime. You'll be in touch with a 3rd-level support specialist within moments.

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