Professional EBCDIC Conversion Service

Hire us to convert your EBCDIC to ASCII and other formats

Hire us to translate your EBCDIC files, tapes and cartridges into ASCII or almost any other format, such as Hex. We’ll arrange to have you send us your data securely via encrypted email, secure ftp or snail mail

How the Custom EBCDIC Conversion Service Works

We perform EBCDIC conversions in a secure facility located in our headquarters. The computers used to perform the transfer are not connected to the Internet or the company network. Access to the room is restricted. We also perform confidential EBCDIC tape conversions there for customers.

Fast and Confidential

We can finish many conversion jobs in a day or two. Longer and more complex jobs may require more time.

We keep customer files and other sensitive information confidential and restrict access to that as well. We are also happy to sign our Confidentiality and Indemnity Agreement if you need it. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Contact Us

Contact us by phone, chat or email if you would like to speak with an EBCDIC professional. We'll probably have you send us layout files and samples of your EBCDIC data so we can put together a quote to convert your data or build a customized VEDIT EBCDIC solution for you.