EBCDIC to ASCII Conversion Packages

Do It Yourself with a VEDIT EBCDIC Solution

Convert EBCDIC to ASCII, Hex, Octal, etc. with a VEDIT EBCDIC Conversion Package from Greenview Data. VEDIT Deluxe is a full-featured easy-to-use editor that includes:

  • Rock-solid Windows-based editing of almost any size file
  • A huge library of macros
  • Streamlined interactive and automated conversion workflows
  • Free trial of the optional Level 2 EBCDIC Converter

Interactive and Batch Conversion

For many VEDIT EBCDIC conversion projects, you simply add a few commands to the Cobol Copybook that comes with the EBCDIC data. Then you translate your EBCDIC file in the Windows interface.

You can also automate the conversion of one or more files in batch using the Windows Command Prompt.

Convert Packed Fields

Our Do-It-Yourself packages Levels 2, 3 and 4 let you convert packed fields quickly and easily.

Few other products support packed-field conversion. Without VEDIT, you typically have to write a custom COBOL program to unpack the fields on the mainframe where the EBCDIC data resides. If you're getting the data from a third party, they may not unpack the fields for you, at least not without charging you a lot.

EBCDIC Conversion Package Summary
More Features Here
Conversion Support 1 2 3 4
Simple alpha-numeric files (byte-for-byte)
Packed-decimal, signed and other special fields  
Multiple record types, REDEFINE clauses and more    
OCCURS...DEPENDING ON clauses and more      
1 = VEDIT Standard or Pro64

Convert Complex EBCDIC Datasets

VEDIT EBCDIC conversion packages can translate almost any EBCDIC data file, including very complex datasets with multiple record types, variable length records, and thousands of fields per record.

Choose from four packages to meet your needs and optimize your budget. If you’re not sure which level is best for you, contact us today and we’ll help you figure it out. You can buy level two or three now and if you need a higher level, upgrade within a year for the difference in price.

Free Trial Version

Try the Level-2 conversion package free for 30 days. It is included with the VEDIT for Windows trial version and is fully functional, but will only convert the first 5000 packed, zoned or binary fields in a file.