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Convert nearly any file, including old analog data

Convert EBCDIC to ASCII quickly and easily for Access®, Excel®, SQL relational databases and more. Our EBCDIC converter solutions handle all IBM Mainframe, AS400, and other COBOL data files of any complexity, including files from First Data Resources, Texas Railroad Commission, and many more.

VEDIT is a great EBCDIC conversion tool. Buy a do-it-yourself package or have us build a custom turn-key solution for you to run. We can also do the entire conversion for you and even transfer your cartridge or 9-track tapes to files.

You'll benefit from our exceptional support and our 15+ years of experience converting thousands of unique EBCDIC data sets, some containing hundreds of record types. Major banks, credit card processors and mainframe companies trust our EBCDIC conversion software and services.

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Software and Services for All EBCDIC Conversion Needs

Conversion Packages

Convert EBCDIC data files to (and from) ASCII and other formats quickly and accurately with a VEDIT conversion package. Prepare files for import to relational databases like SQL Server and Access.

 Custom Packages

If you're not familiar with EBCDIC files or have specific needs, we can build a custom VEDIT / EBCDIC solution for you and verify that it works. Then you convert the rest of your data using the turnkey solution.

Conversion Services

Hire us to convert your EBCDIC data in our secure facility. We can even convert your 9-track tapes or cartridges. If you deal with sensitive data, we’re happy to sign our Confidentiality Agreement


Our DIY and custom solutions include our popular VEDIT text editor, which is used to convert EBCDIC files along with specialized proprietary conversion software. VEDIT's ability to view and edit gigabyte-sized files in ASCII, EBCDIC or hex is also useful before and after the conversion.

We first launched VEDIT in 1980 and it is still going strong today with customers that include fortune 500 companies.

About Greenview Data

Greenview Data, a Michigan-based U.S. company, has been providing IT products and services and brilliant customer support for over 30 years, beginning with the launch of VEDIT. Our customer base greatly expanded throughout the 1980s and then in the late 1990s as VEDIT became instrumental in helping companies edit large files of code for the Y2k switch.

Today, Greenview Data is also a leading provider of secure Cloud email solutions and services. We have maintained our reputation for providing brilliant support to our global customers from our U.S. headquarters in Ann Arbor, MI.