Hide Your Email Address from Spammers

Although you want your email address on your web site, you don't want spammers to get it. They use automated programs (called "bots") to crawl all over the Internet looking for email addresses. We created a free tool that hides your email address from bots but still displays it on your web site.*

Safely Put Your Email Address on Your Web Site

At Greenview Data, we're always focused on email privacy and security. The free tool is available here on our web site. It's our gift to you.

To use it, you'll need to know a little about editing html and updating your web site. The script we generate will look just like a normal email address, unless the person looking at your web site has javascript turned off. That's rare these days, so it should work just fine for almost everyone.

The big difference is that bots will not recognize the javascript code as an email address. We're so confident it works, we use it on our own Contact Us page.

Try it now! It's really easy to use. We will not store your email address or contact you based only on using the free tool. If you do want us to contact you, send us an email, start a chat, or call us 24/7/365. We're always here.

Share It and Help Prevent Spam

Feel free to share this helpful tool with everyone you know who has a web page, to help them keep spam from stealing their email addresses, too! Simply copy and paste this link:

into an email, facebook or Google+ message, tweet, etc. They'll love you for it!

*Disclaimer: While this is a great way to prevent spammers from getting your email address, no technique is 100% foolproof. You should always be aware of possible spam and never click on a link in an email message.