Does Gen-Y Have a False Sense of Online Security?

According to a new ZoneAlarm report 78% of those in Generation Y do not follow security best practices.

Security Concerns Increased with Age

In general, older age groups ranked security as a higher concern than younger ones, even though about the same percent in all age groups keep sensitive data on their computers.

Only about 30% of them rank security as the most important consideration when making decisions about their computers, as opposed to almost 60% of Baby Boomers.

More Tech-Savvy, Less Online Security

Gen Y (18 to 25 year-olds) is also less concerned about online security than baby boomers (56- to 65-year olds), despite having encountered online security problems.

Even though Gen-Yers are more tech-savvy than boomers, they value entertainment and community over security practices.

False Sense of Security?

Those in Gen-Y seem to view themselves as more knowledgeable about security issues than their older counterparts.

Their perceived computer-sophistication may be creating a false sense of security online, which has apparently not been shaken much by a higher-level of security breaches.